Cole Hersey  

photo by Janie Radler

My name is Cole Hersey.

I am a writer and graphic designer in the Bay Area. I went to Bennington College where I studied literature and ecology. I have been published in small journals across the country and abroad, most recently in Parentheses Journal and The Eckleburg Review out of Johns Hopkins University. Currently I am working with the West Marin Review as an editorial assistant, and at Poetry Flash as an assistant editor helping to rebuild their new website. I am also working with Code & Canvas in San Francisco as a freelance art installer.

Anne Lamott once said of my work, "Cole Hersey is the real thing, a beautiful and observant writer on his way up. His writing is clear and evocative, visual and touching, with just a bit of edge, and a lot of soul."

Currently I am finishing a manuscript of short stories titled Elsewhere.

If you would like to work with me, have me read at your event, or talk to me about anything else do not hesitate in emailing me at:

find me on Instagram @goatinbirdland

find me on Medium @chersey12

find me on Wordpress here